New Layout, New CMS, New Everything

Note: This is an old post. The opinions and views expressed here may not reflect the author's current thinking.

And here I go again. After three years using Sweetcron as my CMS of choice, and one year of WordPress before that, I once more go back to the drawing board and start everything from scratch.

After I got into college, I didn’t have any more time to write, and social agreggators were becoming the new big thing. (FriendFeed, anyone?) That’s why I moved from WordPress to the now abandoned Sweetcron, and set up a lifestream that would keep updating my website without any intervention from me.

And how that made me lazy.

When the system did everything for me, I lost my will to write. I couldn’t catch up with all the content that I visited, watched, stumbled, favorited, tweeted and who knows what more social media silly verbs people will come with anyway, so I just sat down and relaxed.

Until the day I got bored—probably like everyone who ever visited this site in the last couple of years. It was too much easy and impersonal. That’s why I’m going back to the good ol’ blogging, now powered by Textpattern, which is awesome to design for and, I hope, to write. Please.

By the way, I finally managed to design a dark layout, using every new HTML5 tag and CSS3 technique I could think of. There are fallbacks, but I really don’t care that much about older browsers anymore. It is not finished and there are some rough edges, but if I didn’t put it online before classes begun, I wouldn’t for another six months. A big thanks to Dave Gamache and everyone else involved in Skeleton, for bringing a responsive boilerplate so great to the point of making me use a CSS grid system :)

I’m still at college and I still don’t have any time, but at least now I’ll try to write something. Let’s see how it goes.